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Lord of the Rings Heli Tour

Distraught at the loss of Gandalf, the remaining members of the Fellowship escape the mines and throw themselves to the ground in their grief.

Filming was undertaken here for 10 days and the results are one of the most moving moments in the film.

Mt Owen Showcases some of the oldest rock in New Zealand and has priceless geological properties. As you fly toward Mt Owen, a landscape of glaciated marble karst is exposed and you appreciate the size of these giant rocks. The surface is split with crevasses and sinkholes where water has left its mark. The area also claims New Zealand’s largest underground caving system. Mt Owen is situated at the Southern end of the Kahurangi National Park ideally located to access from the helipad at Falcon Brae Villa situated on the boundary of the park.


  • Fly over Mt Owen
  • New Zealand’s largest underground caving system
  • Includes a pack lunch on top of Mt Owen

Would you like to stay with us and experience the luxury and uniqueness of Falcon Brae?

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